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30th August 2003
Olympus confirms E-System price list

Released by Olympus:

Olympus confirms E-System price list

Olympus has announced the suggested sale prices for the revolutionary E-1 digital camera and comprehensive system of dedicated accessories.

E-1 digital camera £1,199.00 [ex VAT]
[Including battery, charger, cable and strap]

E-1 digital camera kit £1,549.00 [ex VAT]
[Including 14-54mm F2.8-3.5 lens, battery, charger, cable and strap]

The Olympus E-system, the first product to be launched based on the Four Thirds Standard, will be available in the UK from early October 2003. For stockist information please call 0800 072 0070 or visit

The fully digital Olympus E-System hails a new chapter in the history of photography. The world’s first professional use digital SLR system realises the advantages of the Four Thirds Standard and is dedicated to the special requirements of digital SLR photography, presenting new benchmarks for professional image quality and performance. All components and accessories of the Olympus E-System – from the camera body, through flash units, to interchangeable lenses – have been expressly designed for digital use and ensure the system’s performance potential is maximised in every instance. The Olympus E-System breaks the mould of previous digital SLR solutions and frees itself from the obstacles of the past.

Lenses ex VAT
EZ-1454 Digital Lens 14-54mm F2,8-3,5 [including lens hood and case]
EM-P5020 Digital Lens ED 50mm F2 Macro [including lens hood and case]
EZ-5020 Digital Lens ED 50-200mm F2.8-3.5 [including lens hood and case]
ET-P3028 Digital Lens ED 300mm F2.8 [including lens hood and case]
EC-14 Tele Converter x 1.4 [for 14-54, 50-200 and 300mm]
EX-25 Extension Tube 25mm

Flash ex VAT
FS-FL50 TTL controlled external FP Flash for E-1
FS-FP1 Flash Power Battery Grip FL50 [including FC-CB02 cable]
FS-SRF11 Flash Set [Ring Flash RF-11, Macro Flash Controller FC-1]
FS-STF22 Flash Set [Twin RF-22, Macro Flash Controller FC-1]
FS-FC1 [for Ring Flash RF-11 or Twin Flash TF-22]
FS-RF11 Ring Flash Unit [Macro Flash FC-1 necessary]
FS-TF22 Twin Flash Unit [Macro Flash FC-1 necessary]
FS-FR1 Adapter Ring [ED50mm F2 Macro, RF-11 or TF-22 Flash]
FS-SHV1 Flash High Voltage Set for FL-50 [HV-1, BN1, AC-2]
FS-HV1 Flash Voltage Pack for FL-50 [Ni-NH Battery necessary]
FS-BN1 Ni-MH Battery Pack for Flash High Voltage Pack HV1
FS-AC2 AC Adapter [for charging of high voltage pack HV-1]
FS-RG1 Remote Grip Cable

Power Supply ex VAT
PS-SHLD2 Power Battery Holder Set for E-1 [HLD-2 + BLL-1 + BCL-1]
PS-HLD2 Power Battery Holder for E-1 [Lithium ion BBL-1 battery]
PS-BLL1 Li-ion Battery Pack for Power Battery Holder HLD-2
PS-BCL1 Li-ion Battery Charger for BLL-1 [AC 100-240V]
PS-BLM1 Li-ion Battery Pack for E-1
PS-BCM1 Li-ion Battery Charger for BLM-1
PS-AC1 AC Adapter for E-1

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