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8th June 2006
Casio's new XJ-S30/XJ-S35 projectors

Release Issued by Casio:

Casio announces new super slim XJ-30 and XJ-S35 projectors with their own USB port.

Super slim
The super slim XJ-30 and XJ-S35 projectors mean you are always well-prepared to give professional presentations - whether you're on the move, in the office or at a major conference.

42 mm
The super slim projector is a mere 42 mm thick - about the thickness of a closed notebook. This makes you more mobile than ever before, meaning that data projectors are substantially easier and more flexible to use.

1.8 kg
The XJ-S30 and XJ-S35 super slim projectors weigh a mere 1.8 kg - about the same as a 1.5 litre bottle of water. This makes them the lightest and most mobile projectors in the CASIO range.

Wherever you're giving your presentation, the super slim projector will be right by your side. The fact that it is about the size of a sheet of A4 paper means that it will fit in almost any bag, making it the ideal companion for people on the move. This is how small and compact high-end technology can be.

Elegant Design
Both of the super slim projectors are classy, chic and with a timeless design. Their attractive exterior makes them the centre of attention and brings an extra lifestyle touch to the office.

2,000 ANSI lumens
The XJ-S30 and XJ-S35 are the ideal solution for business people who are looking for a piece of equipment that is small and light but performs extremely well. An amazing light intensity of 2,000 ANSI lumens means that it offers an extraordinary degree of brilliance and sharpness, even in daylight conditions.

The super slim projectors effortlessly display all data in actual XGA resolution (1,024 x 768).

2x motorised wide-angle zoom
The extreme zoom factor provides a unique degree of flexibility: the projection distance can be doubled with no change to the image size. A projection distance starting at 1.7 m (max. 3.40 m) is adequate to project your data clearly and legibly with an image diagonal of 1.52 m - this means that your presentation will be as impressive in small rooms as it is in the largest conference chambers.

Automatic keystone correction
The fact that the super slim projectors can also project at an angle means that you retain a high degree of flexibility when choosing their location. Sensors recognise the angle between the projector and the projection surface, and the automatic keystone correction also compensates for the upper vertical distortion (up to 30).

Presenting without a computer
The difference: the XJ-S35 has its own USB port. This means that you are always ready for action, because you don't need a computer to present your images and films. Simply save the required data on a standard USB stick, insert it into the USB port on the XJ-S35 and you're ready to start.

Hint: Connecting the XJ-S30 to the multi-functional YP-100 Presentation Kit gives you access to the same options.

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