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13th October 2004
Cardmedia: The DigiMagic DM220 DVD Burner arrives

Issued by Cardmedia (Europe) Ltd:

DigiMagic DM-220 DVD Burner

Cardmedia (Europe) Ltd, the official UK distributor and European agent for the manufacturer ezPnP, has announced the arrival of the DigiMagic DM220 DVD Burner.

The DigiMagic DVD Burner enables you to produce a back-up copy of digital photos directly from your camera’s flash memory card onto a CD-R / CD-RW or DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RW disc.

The one-touch operation and the stand-alone solution make using DigiMagic a snap

. Other advantageous features of DigiMagic are that it is lightweight and portable. Requiring only AA rechargeable or standard batteries, DigiMagic goes where you go and eliminates the need for buying additional (and costly) memory cards.

The DigiMagic DVD Burner features an LCD display for a user-friendly interface and easy operations, and the ability to connect the DigiMagic to your computer via USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 for use as a memory card reader or external CD/DVD burner.

DigiMagic solves all your digital imaging back-up problems; all your digital photo images are stored on CDRoms, ready for sharing, emailing, printing or storing.

DigiMagic supports all memory cards on the market, including CompactFlash, MicroDrive, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, Secure Digital, MultiMediaCards, and xD picture without any adapter.

Another excellent advantage of using DigiMagic is that one CD-R or DVD-R disc can back up many memory cards until all available space is full, since it features multi-session back-up capability.

The LCD display offers you different options to select such as:
• Selection between single/multi session
• Enable/Disable file verification (compares all the information between the original memory card and the data previously recorded on the disk)
• Enable/Disable buzzer sound

The RRP for the DigiMagic DVD Burner is £350 incl VAT

Availability: November 2003

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