Digital Photography growth outstrips ‘Net

30th January - 2002
By Ian Burley

In the US, Internet growth has been measured at pacey 18.6%. But one IT-related sector is leaving that figure standing. According to a story on research firm Jupiter MMXI measured a 27% increase in the US market for Digital Photography.

Unsurprisingly, the US is the world’s largest market for digital cameras, followed by Japan. However, data from another market research firm, InfoTrends, predicts Europe will overtake Japan before the end of 2006. The company estimated that 17.7 million digital cameras were sold in 2001, about a fifth of the world market, by volume, for cameras overall. Various estimates suggest that digital camera sales could double this year, while film camera sales gradually decline.

At DPN we notice that a popular topic being discussed on newsgroups and forum discussion boards is film versus digital. Is film still better than digital? Is film dead? Everyone has their opinion, but for the record DPN is sure that film is on the wane. But does that mean it will die? Probably not - after all, paintbrushes, canvas and easels in art shops are still on sale today, over 160 years after Henry Fox Talbot invented the principles of modern film photography.



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