Sinar intros 22 megapixel digicam

6th December - 2002
By Ian Burley

Swiss precision camera manufacturer, Sinar, has developed what is claimed to be the world’s highest resolution single exposure digital camera, the Sinarback 54. It uses a Kodak digital sensor, with built in thermal cooling and it sports a resolution of just over 22 megapixels. There are other, higher resolution ‘scan-back’ cameras, but these must make several slow exposures to form a single image.

But you won’t find one of these 22 megapixel Sinar babies in your local high street camera store. Sinar, which previewed the new back at Photokina in September, is charging a sum well into five figures for the SinarBack 54. Sinar says: “With a resolution of 22.2 million pixels and an active imaging surface of 38.8 x 50 mm, the new Sinarback 54 from Sinar produces photographs with a quality that corresponds that of a 9 x 12 cm (approximately 3 1/2 x 4 3/4 inches) color transparencies (large format photography).

“The sensor for the new digital back was developed in cooperation with Kodak and will be available exclusively on Sinar digital cameras for at least one entire year. The best possible photographic results are achieved by means of active thermo-electric cooling of the sensor, so that practically no image noise is generated and photographs with a color depth of 48 bits are produced (65000 gray steps per color channel).

“The professional Sinar digital camera has been available since last October and it is already being used by leading advertising and fashion photographers. The price amounts to approximately €26,900 (£18,000 approx) which only a year ago was the price of a professional camera with a resolution of only 6 million pixels.”

I’ll have two, please... -Ed

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