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The SpiderLight Hand Strap

Spotted on Kickstarter:

Meet the best hand strap on the planet for all flagship brands of mirrorless and lightweight DSLR cameras – the SpiderLight Hand Strap.


Here’s an interesting problem: Our cameras are getting smaller, but our hands aren’t. Figuring out how to best hold your camera has become a challenge for anyone shooting for more than a few minutes at a time. Neck straps are cumbersome and clumsy no matter how you use them, and other hand straps are more trouble than they are worth.


The SpiderLight Hand Strap is an intelligent solution for the challenges posed by carrying today’s smaller cameras. It’s unique shape and ingenious construction make it the first of it’s kind. From the way that it feels in your hand, to the way that it makes you feel when you shoot with it… all the details have been designed make your experience empowering. Now you can take your camera anywhere, from the trail – to the street – to the studio, with a confident, secure, and comfortable grip.

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