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Lightricks launches free Facetune 2.0 app




Press release issued by Lightricks:

Lightricks Launches Facetune 2.0, Free for the First Time Ever; New App Includes Augmented Reality Live Image Editing and Groundbreaking AI Powered Features

Lightricks Leads the Charge in the Shift to Subscription Business Models; New App Includes Over 100 State-of-the-Art Features, Available For Purchase Either A La Carte or as Part of All Inclusive Subscription

(November 25th, 2016, Jerusalem, Israel) – Lightricks, the leading developer of premium image processing software for mobile and the developers of hugely popular photo-editing apps Facetune and Enlight, are announcing the launch of Facetune 2.0. Following the success of Facetune which earned Apple’s Best of 2013 and became the #6 and #5 overall Best Selling Paid iOS App of 2014 and 2015 respectively, Lightricks has now launched Facetune 2.0. This release includes upgraded versions of existing tools and a host of new features powered by unprecedented image-processing technology. The release of Facetune 2.0, available on a freemium model combining in app purchases and subscriptions, signals the business model transitions beginning to trend in the mobile software industry.

Lightricks’ unique formula of easy functionality and powerful editing capabilities have driven Facetune’s rise in a highly competitive mobile photo editing market. Photos have become a core part of the consumer experience on mobile, and Facetune 2.0 was developed to meet the demands of a consumer population with constantly expanding expectations of functionality and the highest quality mobile experience. Facetune 2.0 is powered by the most advanced image-processing technology available, bringing high fidelity 3D facial modelling to mobile for the first time. In addition, the app includes several features powered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies, enabling effective live augmentation of photos, all of which provide consumers professional grade tools in the palm of their hands.

Highlighted Features:

  • Face: This feature enables users to reshape specific facial features, using AI to understand how the feature should be manipulated to naturally fit with the rest of the face for true 3D reshaping. As an example, when snapped in a picture without smiling, users can use the Reshape feature to adjust the face to create a natural looking smile.
  • Live Preview: For the first time ever, users can live preview adjustable effects before they snap the picture when using the front-facing camera. This AR feature superimposes facial modifications live in a real-time preview and allows users to experiment with edits such as smoothing skin, whitening teeth, enhancing details, modifying the shape and size of the eyes and nose, anti-glare and fixing shadows.
  • Relight: By utilizing AI to strip original illumination and simulate new lighting, Relight enables users to control lighting with the swipe of a finger when taking a photo in any environment, similar to the way conditions are controlled in a live studio.

“Consumers’ relationship with mobile apps has come a long way since we launched Facetune, and it has been such a popular app that we wanted to deliver an even more magical experience,” Said Zeev Farbman, Co-Founder and CEO of Lightricks. “We’re working with the most advanced image-processing technology and delivering it to consumers in an incredibly simple and easy to use interface. The mobile software landscape needs to shift away from free or small one-time payment models in order for developers to support sustainable R&D at a scale that continually delivers the newest and highest-grade experience to users. We are hoping that Apple’s new subscription model is going to do just that – enable tool makers to thrive on iOS, fostering the same kind of category defining software companies built during the desktop era,” he added.

Upgraded versions of all the original features of Facetune are available for free in Facetune 2.0. Facetune 2.0 includes an in-app store in which users can try and buy an extensive list of additional features, or can choose to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis to gain full access to all existing and future features, content and services. Lightricks will continually update and release new features for subscribers.

About Lightricks

Lightricks is an Israeli startup founded by five entrepreneurs with a proven track record in both academia and industry, four of whom hail from backgrounds as computer science PhD students. Lightricks developed the LTEngine™, a state-of-the-art mobile image processing engine, and the SafeBrush™, a precision tool for the most accurate results. Building on this technology, Lightricks created the successful mobile app Facetune, a powerful and fun portrait photo editor that enables everyday users to easily achieve professional-level results, and Enlight, the most comprehensive photo editing tool for mobile. Facetune and Enlight have both been the #1 Photo & Video App in over 120 countries, and Facetune was selected for Apple’s Best of 2013, Google Play’s Best of 2014, was the #6 Best Selling Paid App for iOS in 2014, the #5 Best Selling Paid App for iOS in 2015, and is currently used as Facebook’s case study for user acquisition. Enlight was named the Runner-Up App of the Year in the US in 2015, and App of the Year in other major markets including Britain, Australia, Canada, Germany, China, and more. In August 2015, after being entirely self-funded for two years, Lightricks raised $10 million in its first external funding round, led by Carmel Ventures. Lightricks continues to deploy state-of-the-art technology to create the next generation of creativity tools for the mobile era.

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