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Lighting People book launch

Press release issued by Octopus Books:



28th November 2016


The dark age is over.

Lighting People is an art every photographer must master, but knowing where to begin can be daunting.

Lighting People by Rosella Vanon is both a complete course and the most useful reference book you will find on the subject. The book is broken into three sections, guiding readers through the fundamentals of lighting from UNDERSTANDING LIGHT and Lighting Equipment such as Continuous Light, Flash, Studio Strobes & Speedlights, to setting the mood –with feathering, bounce, low and key lighting.


Unlike other lighting books, Lighting People features a unique and expansive lighting reference gallery with hundreds of images, all using the same four models lit against a white and a dark background and from a number of different angles, so you can precisely place your shoot just by flicking pages.

Learn how to evaluate your client with expert tips and tricks for shooting everything from portraits, fashion, beauty, events and more.

So if you’re looking to shed some light on your subject, this is the only guide you’ll ever need.


Born in Italy, Rosella Vanon now shoots fashion & beauty photography from her studio in London. Her editorial work, internationally recognised for its meticulous use of light and colour, has been seen in a wide range of magazines, and she also has an extensive client portfolio. When she’s not shooting, Rosella teaches photography workshops, as well as speaking on the subject at major events like The Photography Show. Rosella has won a number of awards, including Professional Photographer of the Year 2011, and the ‘Art Takes Times Square’ award in 2012.





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