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Re: Peregrine 2012 Season - Part 4 17 June 2012

Originally Posted by Pol View Post

We sometimes find evidence of a pigeon having been snatched from the back garden. It's not likely to be a cat, no blood, no evidence of much of a fight, just a scattering of mainly downy feathers in a area of the garden - no trail as if the bird had been dragged away.

I'm wondering if it there may be a Sparrowhawk snatching the occasional pigeon.

Is that likely? We sometimes spot a Sparrowhawk either in a tree overhanging our neighbour's garden, also seen one above our own garden. Once saw one perching in our Philadelphus too!

Hi Pol,

Peregrine usually take their prey in the air, they are well equipped for that. If the predator taking your pigeons is a bird, it is very likely to be a Sparrowhawk. I have witnessed losing one to a Sparrowhawk in my garden last year. They seem to learn where birds are feeding (usually our garden bird feeders) and lie in wait. If left alone, they will kill and consume the bird where it was attacked. All that is left is a pile of feathers. I disturbed the Sparrowhawk when I witnessed the attack. It did not carry the pigeon with it when it flew up onto a nearby roof and watched,
Kind regards

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