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Graham_of_Rainham 06-03-14 03:15 PM

Olympus XZ-1 Works so well
I'm probably just basking in the whole new grandson thing, but this little guy is only a few days old, but seems to be able to lock his eyes onto things and really looks at them. He appeared fascinated by the white XZ-1 and I cannot help but wonder if being white is easier for babies to see and holds their interest for longer. Something else to experiment with :rolleyes:

The f/1.8 lens on the XZ-1 and a good shake reduction provides for really useful capabilities, making one handed grab shots easier to get.


Ian 06-03-14 03:28 PM

Re: Olympus XZ-1 Works so well
Yup - I can see the family resemblance by imagining a beard on the little fella :D


John Perriment 29-06-14 01:07 AM

Re: Olympus XZ-1 Works so well
He's thinking, "White? ........ what sort of photographer uses a white camera?"


Pol 29-06-14 08:11 AM

Re: Olympus XZ-1 Works so well
Aaaaaaah he's cute! Congratulations Graham. :)

And John's probably right ... as is Ian. *LOL


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