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Autumn 23-06-18 11:09 AM

Problems still following Windows 10 update
Following a Windows 10 update, my computer crashed and the technician reinstalled Windows 10.

All my programs were lost. I have been able to find my serial numbers to Lightroom and Adobe Elements 2018 from the Adobe site and the Adobe Technician sent me a link to download Elements, however, I am only able to download about 128 Mb of 2.4Gb and then it just stops (even though it says it is still downloading hours later). I have tried disabling Windows Defender, using Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, but the same thing happens all the time.

With regard to Lightroom, I took the program from my Laptop and retrieved my serial numbers from Adobe, but when I try to update to the final version I had paid for, again the download stops.

I lost Pictures to Exe but was able to download this program without any problem, which suggests that it is more of an Adobe issue than my computer.

Can anyone help me please.

Rodbender 23-06-18 12:22 PM

Re: Problems still following Windows 10 update
I know this sounds risky but have you tried disabling your firewall and antivirus software before downloading the files. Many times this has been the cause of downloads stalling. For some reason your security software could be blocking the downloads. Just remember to enable them again after trying this so that you are covered again.

Take a look here too.


Autumn 23-06-18 02:38 PM

Re: Problems still following Windows 10 update
Thanks Ron, I'll try that. I did disable Windows Defender but not the A/V software. Fed up now so will try when refreshed. Just done two hours in the garden !😇

Autumn 23-06-18 05:48 PM

Re: Problems still following Windows 10 update
It seems I don't have any A/V software. I hadn't noticed. I have used AVG for years, but it must have been deleted when Windows 10 was reinstalled. So it seems I am only using Windows Defender, which I already disabled temporarily. Decisions, decision, do I just leave Windows Defender or do I download AVG again?

Must try to get in touch with Adobe again, but I can't see it being until next week.

Thanks and if anyone else has any ideas, please let me know.

Garry 23-06-18 06:02 PM

Re: Problems still following Windows 10 update
Hi Audrey. I have only used Windows defender for years and never had a problem.

Works for me. But I wouldn't advocate that everyone did the same, just in case.

Autumn 23-06-18 06:43 PM

Re: Problems still following Windows 10 update
That is what I was thinking. I read something to that effect about how good it was so as I have been without AVG for about a month now without realising it,I think I'll just use Defender.


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