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Rodbender 18-02-19 10:35 PM

This has kept me quite for a few hours
Been building this on and off since Christmas. Having nearly completed it I found that the gears were all cut on the slant and would not work as intended. Contacted the manufacturer in China and was told to return the whole kit to the shop I purchased it from. As it was a present I had to partly dissemble it so as to return it to my Son. He then had to return it to get it exchanged for a new kit. Three weeks later I started to rebuild the kit again. Not quite as exciting the second time around. Finally got myself motivated to finish it and post the edited video on YouTube. There is a full build video of the kit on YouTube, all 55 minutes, if you feel like getting bored. Here the link takes you to a shortened version about 15 minutes long. Hope you find it worth a look.

Ian 19-02-19 10:46 AM

Re: This has kept me quite for a few hours
Wow - well done, I wouldn't have the patience (or the skill!) :D


Rodbender 19-02-19 04:40 PM

Re: This has kept me quite for a few hours
Thanks Ian. I have a Son who thinks now I'm almost 81 I need something to keep me busy. This is the second one of these kits he has bought for me, and has threatened to search for even more difficult kits next time. Watch this space as they say, my birthdays not far off. *LOL

Garry 19-02-19 08:25 PM

Re: This has kept me quite for a few hours
I watched this last night, Ron.

I am also impressed. You made it look easy, although it obviously wasn't.

Plus your digital video recorder is really good. I cant get over how good the video quality is.
Thanks for sharing this.

Rodbender 19-02-19 10:27 PM

Re: This has kept me quite for a few hours
Not easy if you have arthritic hands. When I think of all the intricate work I used to do I get very annoyed with my limitations I have now. As for the video work Garry it's all thanks to Sony for producing such a good 4k camera, the AX33, for so little money. That video was uploaded to YouTube in HD quality. 4K is even better but takes forever to upload to the web. Been having a bit of fun with a wildlife IR camera which has shown us what triggers our security lights at night. We have no end of visitors at night from deer to foxes, and the early morning brigade of birds. Also surprised at the number of dog walkers out and about from 5 am. 38 quid well spent just for the fun of seeing what we have been missing while asleep.

Barr1e 19-02-19 11:01 PM

Re: This has kept me quite for a few hours
Hi Ron -

That is something I think I would start and wonder what the completion date might be. :eek:

Congratulations on your skill and patience, I enjoyed your video too.

Looking forward to seeing the animals.


Rodbender 19-02-19 11:42 PM

Re: This has kept me quite for a few hours
Thanks Barr1e, I will be working on a short video as soon as the weather improves. Very low temperatures at night plus rain don't give very good quality images. I will also be working on improving my spelling. Heading should have read quiet not quite :mad:

Caz 24-02-19 11:09 AM

Re: This has kept me quite for a few hours
Wow, very impressive - and what is it with kids buying you things to keep you busy? I haven't even retired yet and it's already started. I have a lomo camera kit to put together from my birthday a couple of years ago. It's still sitting there gathering dust...

Rodbender 24-02-19 11:41 AM

Re: This has kept me quite for a few hours
Caz I took early retirement at 63 due to health reasons, but that did not stop the family jumping on the band wagon and asking me to do things like laying laminated floors, tiling kitchens and bathrooms etc etc. They think that as you don't have to go to work you have all the time in the world to help them out. Now at 81 it has changed round to "well we can't have you sitting around getting bored" here's a little job you can do as if they are doing you a favour. *LOL I can tell you now, I'm that busy I wonder how I ever found time to go to work. :confused:

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