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  • Hello from Kent

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    Re: Hello from Kent

    Hi ClairH74

    A warm welcome from me. The forum is a little quiet at the moment. But can be very busy at times.
    Take a look around. If you need any help with anything in the forum. Just ask.

    Looking forward to seeing your photos.


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        Re: Hello from Kent

        Originally posted by ClairH74 View Post

        Before I fell ill I was a part time newborn & on location portrait photographer (mainly children).

        But I fell ill with pancreatitis with complications, I can’t walk at the moment, having operation in the Spring, won’t be 100% but I’ll be able to walk and with time drive again.

        My confidence has taken a real blow, but I’m determined to return to photography, I take my camera out into the garden (I have a stroller frame) and take pictures of my pets. But I’m pretty limited.

        I’ll build a new portfolio once I’m able and work back up again (hopefully).

        Thank you for letting me join. I’m happiest when I have my camera in my hand.

        Thank you

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        Hi Clair, a very warm welcome from me. It would seem we have a few things in common. I'm an ex professional photographer now 81 and registered disabled. Still try to get out on my mobility scooter/power chair to take the odd picture. Weather is my biggest problem so don't get the opportunity as often as I would like. I do hope your op is successful and you regain your health. I too did a lot of child photography in my working years. Children and animals are probably the most patience testing subjects to photograph. Mind you brides and grooms can also prove demanding too. Been a member here for quite some time and although I run a photographic forum of my own I still look in here most days. This forum is aimed at those who appreciate quality images. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work, so come on don't be shy, get posting.
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        Regards Ron. Live each day as if it was your last. One day you will be right.


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          Re: Hello from Kent

          Some nice images there, ClairH74

          I can see some planning was required for these.


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            Re: Hello from Kent

            The forum is undergoing an upgrade at the moment.

            This is going to effect the gallery.

            Ian ( Forum Admin ) Is going to explain all to us, as the upgrade takes place.
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              Hi Clair - you arrived just at a time of great change - sorry about that.

              I hope you will bear with us!

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