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Hello to our new members !

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  • Hello to our new members !

    I am aware that we have new members joining us almost daily.

    Some of you have been members for months and months.

    The majority of you appear to log in most days and pm other members via Tapatalk.

    But none of you seem to be able to contribute to the forum.....

    If any new member is having a problem, with the forum. Please contact me, via pm

    If you are not having problems with the forum. It would be nice to see some of you say hello to us, and tell us a little about yourselves.

    Don't be shy. Join in.
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    Re: Hello to our new members !

    Hi Garry
    Sorry to see that you seem to be the only one in.
    I'm still struggling to get out with the camera but have done so a few times recently
    i will post a few shortly


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      Re: Hello to our new members !

      Hi Rab.

      Good to see you again. I know you have been very busy. Good of you to put some photos in.