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  • Calibration

    Has anyone ever had their lenses 'calibrated' with their camera ?

    The reason I ask is because I now have 3 Canon L lenses,
    which appear to give 3 different results .....

    I've read on other forums about getting your camera and
    lenses calibrated, but wondered if anyone here had tried it ?
    Canon 7D, Canon 40D, + lots of bits

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    Re: Calibration

    It makes sense, as all lenses have small variations in spectral transmission, and some can have quite large differences.

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      Re: Calibration

      That may explain why my first EP1 is sooooo bad.....


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        Re: Calibration

        Sent off an email to FixationUK to see how much it would cost ..
        .. should be interesting ....

        Let you know what happens ....
        Canon 7D, Canon 40D, + lots of bits


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          Re: Calibration

          Had an answer back from Fixation ....
          Canon 300mm to match Canon Eos 40D Body 110 plus VAT
          Canon 400mm to match Canon Eos 40D Body 160 plus VAT

          And they would need all the kit for 4-5 days ....

          + it would cost that much again to post it all over from here (Guernsey) !!

          May wait till I have a holiday free, and then drop it off on the way out, and pick up on the way back !!
          Canon 7D, Canon 40D, + lots of bits


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            Re: Calibration

            Interesting topic but totally new to me.
            Can someone elaborate with the pros and cons

            Edit after a google search.....
            I found an article that gives step by step instructions for calibrating a lens mounted on a camera. Apparently you do need to own an upmarket camera as the lesser models will not have the calibration feature available.

            It still made interesting reading ... HERE is the article link


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              Re: Calibration

              Thanks Pops, great article, well spotted ..... I'll let you know what happens
              Must admit, I haven't tried a custom white balance either, so have to give that a go too.

              Have to find a big enough space to do it, as mine being a 300mm, and a 400mm, will need some distance to be able to focus
              Canon 7D, Canon 40D, + lots of bits