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  • Some new forum features

    For a couple of weeks now you may have noticed some extra buttons (Home and Index) and from today a new 'Like' button here on the forum.

    In long threads it can be a pain to have to scroll back to the top of the screen in order to click on the forum portal 'Home' button and get back to the main forum page where you can find the latest new posts. It's the same if you want to go to the forum Index page where you can find all the forum categories and boards. So now at the base of all posts you will find convenient buttons for 'Home' and 'Index'.

    You will also find a new 'Like' button alongside the 'Thanks' button. Like works very similarly to 'Thanks' and is provided to work in tandem to 'Thanks'. Sometimes the Thanks button doesn't quite summarise your appreciation in the way you want - if you simply want to express your pleasure, for example; use 'Like' and if you want to express gratitude for someone posting something useful or informative, use 'Thanks'. And there is nothing to stop you using both at the same time if appropriate

    And don't forget the Facebook 'Like' button - which has been on the forum for some time - you can use that to alert your Facebook friends to something you think they will enjoy with you or find useful.

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