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    Some of you may have seen my ten minute video report from Focus on Imaging posted yesterday:


    Anyway, the video was shot in full HD using an OM-D E-M5 and the 12-50mm kit lens. I am not a video expert - my video knowledge is much less than my stills photography knowledge, but I know the basics and despite my relative lack of knowledge I am not that unhappy with the result above. I know where my weaknesses are and I am addressing them. Incidentally, the video was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and the final edit that I uploaded to YouTube was 1080HD 30p (H.t64/MP4) and the ten minutes amounted to just over 600MB.

    Viewed on my laptop at 720HD, the final edit looks smooth and sharp. I expect YouTube to cost some quality, but I am disappointed by what YouTube is showing on the dpnowdotcom channel - the playback is jerky and there is a fair bit of noticeable detail loss.

    Normally, I would just put this down to YouTube but there are other videos on YouTube that don't seem to have this problem. So the questions are: what can be done to improve the bottom line playback quality on YouTube? Are there ideal encoding settings? Did I over-compress the final edit? In other words - what is the sweet spot for getting the best YouTube results?

    Any video experts out there like to comment?

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    Re: Movies and YouTube

    For some reason I couldn't open it either embedded or on the Youtube site itself. I got the "Error Occurred. Please try again later" message. I'll watch it when I can and give you some feedback. I've uploaded over a hundred videos to YouTube with an emphasis on viewer interest more than video quality. Most get only a handful of views but several have had hits in the thousands. I do need to do a better job of editing and hope to get some ideas from your video.

    Tomorrow I'll be shooting an Olympic hopeful - a 45 year old female snowboard racer with a shot at the US Olympic squad. I'll be using two GoPros and a Sony Camcorder. If the result warrants it, I'll post it.
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