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Rafters and Darters

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  • Rafters and Darters

    Still trying to fit in a few more days out before we head North - maybe as soon as the 4th but more likely the 11th july.

    Today took a stroll along the canal by the Lea Valley White Water Centre.
    I've been to the centre a few times when my son was Kayaking the Olympic course so only took this one picture as we walked through to the canal

    The canal itself is quite unremarkable (at that stretch at least) but there were a few highlights

    An Emerald Darter laying her eggs

    And THIS....

    I have no idea what it started life as but it is now a canal boat
    The only thing I can think of is a Glider transport trailer...

    And to finish - A Common Darter basking in the 26 sunshine

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    Re: Rafters and Darters

    Smashing set, Rab.

    When I saw the title, I was expecting to see Spiders and Dragon flies. As in Raft spiders

    So quite surprised to see these.

    Pretty sure your boat is an old style life boat from a tanker, or similar.

    I think I remember Barr1e showing one the same, some time back.

    Found it. May even be the same boat


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      Re: Rafters and Darters

      Certainly looks like the same boat but is now a little weather worn.

      I was pleased to see the Emerald today. The other day at Hever Castle I saw quite a few Scarce Hawkers but they were chasing each other and I got no chance at a shot.


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        Re: Rafters and Darters

        A very nice set Rab.



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          Re: Rafters and Darters

          Good set, I enjoyed them.


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            Re: Rafters and Darters

            Wonderful detail on the darter's wings.