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  • DxO Optics Pro

    I'd heard good things about the DxO Optics Pro software, so thought I'd give it a try:

    This young lady has some very "fine details", that deserve to be presented as well as she does...

    This is a screen capture of the "Before & After" comparison of a very small portion of the image.

    Not that you would be interested but the texture of the brickwork is also very much improved.

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    Re: DxO Optics Pro

    DxO Optics Pro used to be my RAW developer of choice until I decided to go for the Adobe Cloud subscription package, at which point I converted to Lightroom. I had always had PhotoShop in my workflow and it was attractive to me to always have the latest version.

    Since moving to Lightroom though, I've found that I don't use Photoshop anywhere near as much - mainly when I want to use the brush option in Nik Software's plugins (not available when used in Lightroom for some reason). Nik plugins I couldn't live without BTW!

    Life moves on though and things change! After reading that DxO had acquired the Nik plugins from Google and were not only going to develop a new version of the plugins but also incorporate some of the Nik u-point technology into their new PhotoLab product, I thought I'd have a look at it.

    After reading the marketing blurb and watching several YouTube videos and mainly because I could get a cheap upgrade deal as an existing customer , I bought PhotoLab. I'm still evaluating it and trying to work out where it fits into my workflow!

    Problem is, I like Lightroom, I've got comfortable with it but I also like the superb "Prime" noise reduction in Photolab along with the fact that the lens distortion corrections are targeted at specific camera body / lens combinations. The lens sharpness adjustments are also useful although often subtle. Smart Lighting and Clear View are interesting options for some images.

    So, do I drop Lightroom and go back to DxO or do I try and use bits of both. Do I really need Lightroom libraries or can I not just use a standard directory structure - like I did for years without issue.

    Honest answer - I don't know what to do, guess I'll either switch or find a happy medium where all the applications exist in my workflow and I don't get too bogged down with it all.

    Trouble is, I used to be an IT Manager in software development. I love software, especially when it's new and complex. I think I'm my own worst enemy .


    PS I do go on a bit sometimes
    Stuart R

    Life is an incurable disease with a 100% mortality rate


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      Re: DxO Optics Pro

      Interesting choice of image, Graham !

      Would never have seen this thread if Stuart hadn't bought it up.

      To the members............Do many of us use DxO Optics pro ?

      I'm behind the times and my processing skills are lacking.

      I have never heard of DxO Optics Pro.

      Just googled and read up on it.