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  • Optimum aperture

    I was taking some pics on our local nature reserve and since the pasque flowers are out I had to have yet another set.

    Since I have recently switched from mFT to full frame I thought that I would experiment with the much reduced depth of field and try to determine an optimum for typical small single flower shots.

    At f2.8 background is nicely blurred but dof is wafer thin and most of the actual flower is out of acceptable focus. The yellow spots in the detail picture are pollen grains which I used to focus on.

    At f5.6 background is getting obtrusive and flower is still beginning to slip out of focus

    At f14 background is beginning to take over.

    So, not scientific and controlled but quite interesting. On the Olympus 60mm m.Zuiko even at f2.8 aperture I wouldn't got much less dof than I did at f5.6 on this FF Sigma macro. On the other hand at f14 the Olympus would be getting into diffraction blurring.

    The answer under full controlled conditions is probably focus stacking and f2.8 but these were all semi hand held (resting on my arm on the ground)