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  • Northern Lights

    Hi all,

    I'm off to Iceland next month and want to try and take some shots of the Northern Lights. Has anybody got experience of doing this or any hints and tips? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Northern Lights

    This man, John Birch belongs to our Photographic Society (Worksop). I am sending a link to his page which gives a lot of detail.

    I would also say that the daughter of a friend of mine (not particularly a photographer) saw the amazing site and took auto photos and when she got home the result was blank! How disappointing.

    Good Luck!


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      Re: Northern Lights

      Thanks Audrey, if any of my pictures are any good I'll post some.


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        Re: Northern Lights

        Managed to get a good set of aurora shots while standing on the sea ice some way off the coast from where we set sail (which was the town of Kemi on the Sea of Bothnia, Finland) in a retired Russian ice-breaker. This was over 20 years ago and my trusty Canon EOS-100 film SLR took the task in its stride.

        The good thing about digital is that you can test the exposure and re-adjust by reviewing your shots

        Not sure where my pictures are but will try to find them and post them here.

        Good luck with the aurora - there is no guarantee you will see it and I count myself being extremely lucky. But it's amazing if you do.

        Digital Photography Now (


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          Re: Northern Lights

          I used to study abroad in the northern parts of Sweden, in a mid-sized (for Sweden) town called UmeŚ. Before I went there I'd never seen the Northern Lights, but after a year there I'd spotted several, and also bought myslef a camera and taken quite a few really nice pics of them.

          We used to go to a frozen lake, called Nydala Lake, and walk on the ice to get the most impressive photos we could. Before I'd seen my first one I didn't know that us humans didn't see Auroras as the cameras capture them.

          After going a few times I decided to buy my current camera in order to being able to catch a few of them, and it took quite a lot of fiddle before I found the settings that let me get the pics just the way I wanted to.

          Now I am soon going back again to visit a friend that still lives there. And I'm so excited to get to shoot some Northern Lights again!


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            Re: Northern Lights

            Looking forward to the pictures of the Northern Lights Stu!