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Phoebe indoor shoot

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  • Phoebe indoor shoot

    Phoebe was the star of the show today. Did a indoor style shoot but really look forward to doing am outdoor shoot with this young lady. Shot with the Fuji XT-2 and the Fuji 50-140mm lens. Lighting was a godox 600 camera right. Settings mostly around F8, 1/60 to 1/100,iso 200. Flash was triggered with the new xpro1 and was in manual mode at 1/4 to 1/2 power fired in to an octobox. As always colour photos to match on my flickr site.

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    Re: Phoebe indoor shoot

    And as per usual, I check out both colour and mono in your flickr account, Peter.

    I like to see both your colour and mono, to help me make my mind up.

    As in most cases. I like the mono best.

    The merging of the very dark background and dark air and tee shirt works very well for me.

    I like the way the edges of Phoebe hair, tee shirt and even neck lines do not show, due to the dark.
    Also like the way this set of photos sit on the page.

    Again. A very photogenic young girl.

    Smashing set. Enjoyed seeing these.


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      Re: Phoebe indoor shoot

      Thanks Garry

      Great feedback thank you I liked shooting like that but I know many would prefer a back light to make the hair pop from the backdrop and its something I will be working on in the future. Yes a great young lady who I look forward to doing a few outdoor shoots with.


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        Re: Phoebe indoor shoot

        It takes all sorts, Peter.

        I like the dark background. I like light backgrounds and back lighting.

        Really depends on what the photographer wants to portray.

        What is always very important to me personally is eyes.

        I have seen some images that are so dark. The eyes cant bee seen.

        The photos are technically very good. But don't work for me.

        Just a personal thing really.


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          Re: Phoebe indoor shoot

          Just looking through your photos.

          Is Phoebe a new model to you Peter ?

          Only I cant see at photos of her in your flickr set.