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Susana in the park

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  • Susana in the park

    This is the ladies first time being a model and after a short while I think she took to like a duck to water. All of these were shot with the Fugi X-T2 and the Fuji 50-140mm lens all at F2.8 as I like to shoot wide open with all my lens or as much as I can which is why I do like my primes or fast glass like the 50-140mm.

    I have upgraded or side ways switch from the Elinchrom flash system to the Godox flash system. The reason for this being that the Godox system up's up the world of (HSS) high speed sync and (TTL) through-the-lens metering to the Fuji system. Elinchrom are going to bring HSS and TTL to their system but not till the end of the year and even then the cost is around the same as the Godox system. Any way enough waffle here are a few photos.

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    Re: Susana in the park

    Really like these, and from a photographer who does NOT like mono.

    You have converted me Lol

    Every hair on her head is in focus.

    Your certainly getting the best out of your gear.


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      Re: Susana in the park

      Garry when I first started shooting I was like why would I do b/w after all we see the world in colour. I cannot really pin down the point I came from under my rock but now I like b/w as much as colour and sometimes feel it adds to the photo even if it is really taking colour away. I am really enjoying myself of late taking photos and do feel the flash system has given me and my camera a new lease of life.

      If all goes to plan tomorrow will be really good as I will be getting the chance to shoot with a young dancer on a local beach so that should be really fun. I have one photo in mind and if I can pull it off well it will be on here for sure over the next few days. Lol who am I kidding it will be up tomorrow


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        Re: Susana in the park

        Good ! I am looking forward to seeing the results.

        As for Mono. Although I do very little mono myself. I do enjoy seeing a good mono photo as much as I like a good colour photo.


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          Re: Susana in the park

          Hi Peter -

          I enjoy your shoots with the various models and I particularly like this set.

          Keep them coming please.

          Regards. Barr1e