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    Re: PrintFix Pro

    Originally posted by Ian View Post
    If DataColor haven't profiled your special inks then PrintFix Plus will not be of any use - it's only relevant to printer model/ink and paper type combinations they have on their database.

    I'll take that as a "no", then!

    This is going to sound a bit dim, but my R1800 comes with its own profiles for its own inks used with its own paper. The R1800 is on Datacolor's "list". If I can only use the Printfix Plus with a printer/ink/paper combination that Datacolor have profiled, what's the point of it? Why would I want PrintFix Plus to profile a printer that already comes with profiles?

    I'm trying to wrap my head around all of this profiles stuff. Let me get this straight - PrintFix Plus lets you profile the printer, but only if DataColor have already profiled it, and they profile printers that already ship with profiles? Can anyone say "huh?".

    If you can't use it to profile combinations that haven't previously been profiled, then what's the point of it exactly? Surely the only combinations you're going to want to profile are those that haven't already been profiled. Or does that just sound silly?