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D810 hot pixel issue

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  • D810 hot pixel issue

    Wasn't going to bother sending mine off, but I've had a change of heart after talking to tech doing repair.
    Nikon certainly aren't just doing a firmware update.
    After contact with Nikon UK, they have one technician trained to go through the re calibration process (their words). Note the words 're calibration process'
    After talking to said tech regarding being unable to replicate the error found by photography life, he stated that all cameras produce these hot pixels when pushed as stated, and sure enough, I can make my D4s produce similar results to my D810 when set to ISO 100, Lenr off, and an exposure of two minutes,
    However, with Lenr on as he suggested, I have no problems with so called hot pixels in either camera.
    So may I suggest, part of the process undertaken is an enhancement of Lenr along with sensor calibration?
    I am going in to Nikon UK on Tuesday for mine to be 'fixed'. The tech reckons he can get it done within 25 minutes, but wouldn't elaborate on the fix any further.