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Initial observations on E-M1 HDR Function

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  • Initial observations on E-M1 HDR Function

    Just playing ( as us men do with a new toy) with the HDR function on the E-M1. Setting the camera in a fixed position on the kitchen table I chose HDR 1 then 2 and fired off the requisite four shots with each setting (there doesn't seem to be any alternative) and then fired off one shot in normal A mode. I was using Auto ISO and the lighting (after dark) was pretty dim. The standard shot at the same f. number as the HDR shots registered an ISO setting of 2500 and loss of detail due to noise, whereas the HDR shots only registered ISO 200 and subsequently much greater detail.
    Checking the shutter speed settings the standard shot was at 1/80th whereas the HDR shots were at 1/8th hence the ISO reduction.

    Setting the ISO at a fixed setting, say 500, resulted in the same results using the HDR function so it seems that ISO 200 seems the default setting for HDR.

    Interestingly the detail and apparent noise seem better with HDR1 as against HDR2 which also gives a more "painterly" image.

    Not earth shattering info but I thought it worth sharing.


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    Re: Initial observations on E-M1 HDR Function

    It's much easier to set up your camera for HDR, whether you use the in-camera HDR function or not, too, than previous Olympus cameras,

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