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Two weeks with the E-M1

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  • Two weeks with the E-M1

    Now having had the E-M1 for two weeks and having taken nearly 2000 images I thought I'd share my first impressions.


    The feel of the camera for me is perfect, so different from the over-miniaturised E-M5. Loads more buttons in all the right places and so many options for assigning tasks to them makes using the camera a delight (although my old brain is struggling to remember which task I assigned to which button). I like the in built vertical grip and the fact I don't have to remove it to replace the battery, it also gives more space for fat finger between it and the wider 4/3 lenses. The HLD-7, when it arrives, probably won't be used as the camera still feels good with the 4/3 lenses I have, not sure yet whether to sell it on or not, I'll decide later.

    IQ is superb with the lenses I have, although I still have to do more testing with the 75-300mm, and I am very impressed with the low noise levels - all making substantial cropping (which I do often) so much more feasible. I, like Stephen, find no difference in the appearance of jpegs and RAW files on LR5 but further processing the jpegs is more restricted than with RAW.

    There many more functions I haven't yet had time to explore but will do when I get over the initial excitement of owning the camera but I can see that the HDR and Wifi will be the first to be tried out.

    Build quality/finish

    Excellent compared to the E-M5, it feels so much less of a toy and more of a proper camera. The finish is superb and much better than the shiny paint of it's sibling and I think it will last much longer. However the black paint on the flash shoe is wearing already just with placing and removing the camera from my CCS Tusker bag - wish it had been finished in chrome.


    The AF works fine on my 4/3 lenses (7-14mm, 14-150mm) although I am still not convinced it is faster than the E5, low contrast landscape subjects cause a few minor issues.

    The IBIS question

    As I have mentioned in an earlier thread, I have the impression that the IBIS was causing difficulties with long telephoto lenses. The seems to be resolving itself but needs more study to be sure, at the moment I am mainly using it switched off for these lenses. More in another thread later.


    As many on this forum will know my requirement for BIF performance are based mainly on ID and record purposes and rarely for pictorial use. So I may only use it for small or distant birds of interest and this is where I feel the E-M1 falls down. It will work well with larger birds or larger flocks of birds but for a small group of passerines at 50m plus, for instance, it can't do the job. However I still have to do more work and will post this in a another thread later. Suffice to say that on my recent trip to a Nature reserve in Corfu I could have kicked myself, several times, for not taking my Canon 7D!

    Well that's a brief assessment, I am sure others will have their own which may in some cases complement or contradict mine and I am looking forward to reading these.


    P.S I will be bombarding this forum with loads of images taken in the first two weeks so be warned!

    Canon 7DII, Sigma 150-600mm Sport, Sigma 18-300mm, Sigma 8-16mm, National Geographic Expedition Carbon.

    "It is better to light a single candle than curse the darkness" - Confucius (551479 BC)

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    Re: Two weeks with the E-M1

    Brief but comprehensive ... looking forward to the images