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E-M5 Grip problem

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  • E-M5 Grip problem

    The rubber coating on my HLD-6 grip is beginning to come lose, it seems that the adhesive has softened. Whether this is due to the hot weather or my sweaty fingers I am not sure. As I received this free as part of the initial sale promotion I wonder if it is covered by the warranty (2 years UK) or not. If so would it be from the original E-M5 delivery date from SRS or the date I received the grip which was several months later? I doubt that SRS would assist in this as the grip came direct from Olympus UK. Has any one else experienced this or any other problem with the HLD-6 offered free with original promotion and if so how was it settled. Alternately if I decide to re-glue it myself has anyone any recommendation for the adhesive?



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