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E-M5 and Pentax SMC 500mm f4.5

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  • E-M5 and Pentax SMC 500mm f4.5

    Flushed with excellent results from using the Canon EF400mm f5.6 with the E-M5 and rediscovering the delights (and accuracy) of MF after years of AF, I happened upon a Pentax SMC 500mm f4.5 in ace nick converted to Canon EF fitting. This is quite a beast as can be seen from these shots, and weighs in at 3.5kg:

    However it came at a good price and has the advantage that it has a manual diaphragm so it should perform OK for fairly static subjects, it's also a good bit brighter than the Canon. Reviews say that it is a good performer but suffers quite a bit from CA. Being stuck indoors since receiving it last night all I have managed to take is some images through a rain-soaked window so I am looking forward to some better weather for a true assessment, but here is a couple, medium cropping:

    Pretty acceptable for a 20 year old lens methinks.


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