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  • Top 20 models in 2008

    BCN announced a list of top 20 best seller digital Single Lens ("R" is omitted here) models between Jan.1st and Dec.21st, this year in Japanese market.

    Based on the list which is attached as thumbnail below, I re-worked on it as is shown here.

    1. The listed 20 models cover 92.3% of the total market. So all the others, among which most FF models are included except for Nikon's D700, makes 7.7%.

    2. When market share of each model is added up, Nikon has 39% (with 7 models) and Canon has 38% (with 5 models). Then followed by Sony 8.5% (with 3 models), Olympus 3.8% (with also 3 models) and finally Pentax (Hoya) 1.6% and Panasonic (1.4%) with 1 model respectively.

    As Panasonic's DCM-G1 is included in this category, the overall outlook must be a little bit different than otherwise. For example, Sony does not reach 10% and it is simply because of this inclusion, I guess. OTOH it is amazing that Panasonic got this market share in only two months or so since G1 is launched.

    Nikon's strategy (that is having multiple models in the entry class), has been mimicked by Canon, which now has three models in this categroy, as well as Sony and Olympus (three each). Pentax will most likely follow this route too as they already announced earlier that they would introduce three models next year (including minor change version of exsiting models). Panasonic ? I have no idea. More micro 4/3rds models are coming?

    3. Entry models consist of 67% of the total market and 72% of the top 20 models.

    The classification such as entry model, mid level, etc. here is arguable, I admit. I first classified Nikon's D700 as high-end, or Panasonic's G1 as mid level, or Nikon's D700 as also high end but changed my mind soon.

    Although Nikon's D300 is the flagship model of APS-C type models, the price is now a mid level model.
    Or Panasonic G1's advertising gives me impression that this camera is for entry class, although pricewise it could be mid-level.
    Nikon's D700 is a FF model and it's expensive but again they have D3/D3X which are much higher end models.
    Consequently after thinking about it a few more times, I finally classified as is shown in the analysis table. You might prefer other classification or I, too, might classify them differently tomorrow.

    4. There is only one FF model listed, D700, which is only 1 %. I guess that FF models' overall market size would be 3% or most likey less than that, even though all other FF models are included.

    5. Some old models such as Canon's 400D or Nikon's D40, both introduced in 2006, are great models in the sense that they are still among the top 20 best sellers in 2008, as is pointed out by BCN.
    In this connection, you might also add Canon's 1000D, as this is a cosmetic change of old 350D, iirc.

    Yes, price is definitely important. Or it might be safely expressed that many consumers are less interested in features improvements compared to a few years ago. Older models are just fine. The larger price difference between entry class and mid level dose not justify the smaller features differences.?

    The dSL(R) market is surely getting matured or near the stage of mature, similar to the automobile market. High end or entry class models are not the
    first or important criterion for the purchasing decision making. People just buy what they think are suitable for their needs.

    There can be some more insights/analysis but for now, let me stop here. I'm afraid it's already too long.

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    Re: Top 20 models in 2008

    Hi Yoshi,
    Thanks for sharing the figures and your comments. It does seem as though the Panasonic G1 is the wild card (or is that the Joker?), considering it's short history. That might be incentive for the mFT gang to present more models, sooner rather than later.
    Those who predict the evolutionary target for DSLRs may have to wait longer than anticipated to see the proof of their visions....
    I wonder when the tendency to keep what you have (It is good enough, afterall) and not bother to upgrade will begin to alter the sales figures.