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Are you thinking about going mirrorless? Have you already traded in your DSLR?

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  • Are you thinking about going mirrorless? Have you already traded in your DSLR?

    Will your next camera not be a DSLR?

    I'm seeing a lot more photographers buying into mirrorless system cameras. the arrival of Fujifilm wit its X-Pro system and the continuing strength of Micro Four Thirds (Panasonic and Olympus) as well as increased commitment from Canon with its EOS-M offerings does seem to be luring more DSLR users to the mirrorless fold. And also let's not forget Sony's mirrorless offerings, especially the full frame Alpha 7 range.

    On the other hand system camera sales are, across the board, either falling or flat in market growth. However it does seem that DSLRs are suffering the most.

    The most obvious reason for DSLR users to switch to mirrorless cameras does appear to be a dissatisfaction with the size and weight of their DSLR gear. Concerns over relatively poor image quality with mirrorless cameras nod seems to be a past concern and in fact lenses for mirrorless cameras are earning a high reputation.

    So are you a DSLR user who is thinking of switching to mirroless? If so, what are your concerns? Have you already made the switch? Was it the right move and even so what do you miss from your DSLR?

    Share your thoughts!

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    Re: Are you thinking about going mirrorless? Have you already traded in your DSLR?

    I have no regrets in going over to mirrorless, as I only ever used the viewfinder for composition. I know that sound obvious, but I keep hearing comments about EVF not being good enough at this, that & the other and at the same time hear that people are using the OVF with high frame rate continuous shooting.

    The black out rate of mirror flap is much worse than any issues from the refresh rate of an EVF, so I don't see the problem that people say they have.

    Live view boost takes care of the issue of shooting in dark places and is far better than any OVF in these situations. At the other end of brightness, an EVF will never damage your eyes from direct sunlight...

    In addition to size & weight advantages, mirrorless has several other benefits. Silent shutter and electronic first curtain is very useful.

    Ok there are some CAF issues, where PDAF has the edge, but many have found that by using different techniques, this can often be overcome.

    I still have one DSLR, but that is getting less and less used.