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no more pixels but more colors, please!

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  • no more pixels but more colors, please!

    "Which colour would you like sir/madam?"

    This looks like a more relevant first question you might be asked at a camera/electronics shop from now on,
    instead of "which brand?" or "how many pixels?" or "what price range?"

    From BCN reports;

    Market share of compact digicams in Japanese market. This is classified, however, not by brand but by colours.

    The attached thumbnail shows the change of popular colors for the past 12 months since October last year.
    You will see that two traditional colours are still popular but also notice that non-traditional colours like pink
    and gold are gradually getting popular.

    I find it interesting that if you prefer traditional colours, then choose Oly for silver and Canon for black (see the second thumbnail),
    while, if you prefer non-traditional ones, then Panasonic for pink and Casio or Sony for gold (see the third).

    In short, for traditional colours, choose traditional brands, while for other colours, choose new comers.

    It looks like "belly colours" such as wine red or brown are the trendy colours for the coming X'mas sales season.(the last pic)

    So colours are getting a factor more important for the market share competition!?
    Maybe technology/specification features across various brands/models are more or less similar these days and most cameras can not differentiate
    themselves from others in a significant way other than colors?? - Finally reached a sort of wall of R&D? or just for quick superficial differentiation in view of the downward economic situation with less R&D investments??

    p.s. Don't take me wrong. I appreciate more color variation. I like more freedom to choose.
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    Re: no more pixels but more colors, please!

    I have always associated coloured cameras with the fashion accessory market, and particularly amongst women. Even iPods which traditionally have been all white, then White and Black, are now available in a multitude of colours in the Nano and Shuffle range. iPods like small pocketable cameras are fashion accessories, they are sexy little objects of desire. So the marketing people have found another way to make such things attractive to a particular market, one that I suspect is mainly femail and young Personally I'm still very much a Black sorta guy, though I must confess that the first mobile phone I ever had back in the 90's was a Green brick


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      Re: no more pixels but more colors, please!

      1996 found us on our first trip to Madeira. We palled up with a very nice couple and she had a RED camera. I had never seen a coloured camera before. Her reason for buying this, was because she had lost two others by just leaving them on dark seats and she, her husband or someone else will spot if a red camera has been left, whereas a black one doesn't show up.


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        Re: no more pixels but more colors, please!

        That's all very well but walking around with a red or a pink camera is going to put a damper on taking any candid shots