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  • Zoom Test

    I did this test when i first got the camera to try to get an idea of just what 6x
    optical zoom meant graphically. I just piled a load of objects near the kitchen sink and took three photos across the zoom range and resized and pasted them and this is the result.

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    Re: Zoom Test

    A nice little test for yourself wilt, can just spot you in the window
    is that the box of your camera?


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      Re: Zoom Test

      Yes ,
      the test was loosely based on images I had seen on the DPreview pages and the camera seems to perform on a par with others of its type .I also did a grid test at wide and narrow angle although I was slightly disappointed in that the zoom exhibited slight "eyebrow" type distortion at wide angle.Still, cramming the equivalent of a 222mm focal length lens into 50mm takes some clever engineering and I suppose compromises are inevitable.
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