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    I've just taken delivery of a Lensmaster Gimbal RH1, a side mounting Gimbal head manufactured by Robert Hardy, a keen birder. He also sells a full bottom mounting Gimbal, the RH2.

    In just a short while I became familiar with it's use and now can highly recommend it, and at the price of 118 with free delivery it is a bargain. The RH2 is 148.

    It is very substantial but light with very smooth mechanisms which can be quickly dismantled for maintenance, and it comes complete with an Arca style clamp and two plates, so it is ready to go.

    If you have a rotating lens collar then this Gimbal is the one to choose but if not then the RH2 would be the best option.

    The details are on:


    Canon 7DII, Sigma 150-600mm Sport, Sigma 18-300mm, Sigma 8-16mm, National Geographic Expedition Carbon.

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