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Grip for Olympus E-PL5

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  • Grip for Olympus E-PL5

    Every now and then; someone says something that sparks an idea in anothers mind... *idea

    Originally posted by Ian
    I've cracked a Winder 2 myself - <snip>
    One thing missing from the PEN Stable are Grips. So it's MacGyver time again

    I too have a cracked Winder 2, so as it's unlikely to get much more use; time for a second life.

    After removing many screws and cutting wires, etc...

    The Winder becomes the Grip...

    I've still got to get another Sub-Minature Micro Switch to make the shutter release a two stage (Focus/Shoot) action and add a second button to work in "Portrait" mode, but already well on the way to becoming a usefull accessory.


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    Re: Grip for Olympus E-PL5

    The end product.

    It cost 1.97 for the Multi Connector
    and 1.20 for the green push button. The Blue one I had in my "box of bits"

    The blue button provides focus, operated by the fourth finger of either hand and the original release button or the green button fires the shutter.

    It has a really good feel, for something cobbled together and suits my size hands; in much the same way it did when it was on the OM4Ti

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