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  • Live View & Remote Control - together

    Faced with the problem of wanting Live View and Remote Control to work at the same time on my Olympus cameras,
    and not being able to source a suitable solution from internet searches, I set about making one.

    The AV is the standard output to an RCA Plug, but the Remote Control lead has a 2.5mm stereo plug, so I can use my Radio Trigger or a push button release.

    While it works perfectly, the two leads going into the plug is less than ideal.
    A single multi-core lead that splits into AV and RC leads, would look better.

    It will get the most use when the PEN is attached to the OM Bellows unit or Very Long Telephoto Lenses to reduce vibration input to an absolute minimum.

    Cost - less than £10
    Time - couple of hours + testing (playing actually )

    Works on both the E-PL5 and XZ-1