i'm a portrait photographer and honestly people don't come into the studio like they used. the discount stores offer ridiculous low prices for children. then we have the "church directory" portraits, so what's a guy going to do? i offer Sunday Afternoon in the Park. i charge a $50 session fee and have the ENTIRE family turn out for an extended family portrait, with all generations (everybody). once the grand group shot is done i break it down into sub groups:
grandparents as couples or individual
grandparents with their natural children
grandparents with all of their grandchildren
each individual family

here's the pitch, everybody shows up either wearing khaki and white or denim and white. after the photo shoot they have a picnic and i move on to start the next group.

since most people work or have busy schedules, sunday afternoon seems to work best for getting a group to together and leaves my saturdays free to do weddings.