(does this guy ever shut up?)
the larger the light, the softer the light.
the closer the light, the softer the light. yes, that's a fact.
ever get sick of the umbrella jokes? but an umbrella creates a large soft light whereas just pointing the reflector at someone will create specular highlights. specular highlights can becreated by sharp light sources and make the subject appear "greasy". sharp light is great for character studies ie. the weather beaten fisherman but most of the purchasing done here is by middle aged women. they're not going to buy a "character study". okay let's get totally off the subject but it's just me talking to myself anyway, and i'm ADD.
use a soft light and photograph a lady. open in photoshop. remember the first adjustment if necessary? contrast. now due your patch tool or cloning tool to reverse the aging process. now here's the trick, duplicate the layer. apply gaussian blur to layer one. don't over do it. now turn off the background layer. ERASE the eyes and teeth on layer one, i know eerie looking. turn the background layer back on. now adjust the opacity of layer one to taste. flatten image. even in a slightly soft focus image at least the eyes should be sharp (my opinion).

just to see if anyone is awake, kindly answer this question for me. in photoshop you have a menu bar item named Filter. one would assume that all filters would be found there. not so. the one that is actually named filter, "Photo Filter" is located under Image and then sub heading Adjust. duh?