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Lisa's new camera

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Posted 21-03-09 at 07:33 PM by Mike Parr

Now take a seat, I'm going to write something relevant to a photography site..........just this once.
Now as you may know Lisa has a horse and we are getting to the time of year when he has his birthday shot. This is for our records and in case of theft...yes there are horse rustlers in Cornwall Now ive photgraphed him lots of times and to be honest it gets a little tedious, so to get out of this I suggested Lisa did it this time, But not with my camera of course as thats far to technical for her (Lisa's words not mine). So we were in a well known supermarket.......the one that pucka Jamie is always harping on about. We saw a rather reasonably priced Fuji A860 which cought her eye and my wallet........8mp, small enough to fit in a pocket, Mothers day brainer..
Lisa has gone to work now and there sits this dinky camera on the side saying "go on have a play with me she wont know" but I'm made of sterner stuff than that, and hopefully she will grow to love taking photos so she will be more inclined to go out with me on a photo day.
Oh and as I had already bought 2 boxes of chocolates for tommorrow I guess they are mine now.........Mmmmmmmmmm Terry's all gold for me then
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  1. Old Comment
    This made me smile Mike :)

    How can you resist playing with a new/different camera? I'd have a go. I love your profile image, he/she's very beautiful.
    Posted 23-03-09 at 02:22 AM by
  2. Old Comment
    Well as it was Mothers day i thought I would try and and get something I wanted for her
    Actually we went out Sunday and I ended up with a monopod and 2 new photography books, I think I like this Mothers Day lark..................Oh well roll on Fathers day I might even get a new camera too
    Posted 23-03-09 at 09:19 PM by Mike Parr Mike Parr is offline
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    Autumn's Avatar
    Made me smile too Mike. How about borrowing Lisa's new camera to take to the Lakes? I am surprised that no one has answered your post on baby cameras. As you say quite a few people have the G10 and are happy. I was using my G3 this afternoon. I still love it, although it is desperately slow at writing up, but I have the wide angle and telephoto converters lenses, so I got all my gear out and went to play in the garden.
    Posted 23-03-09 at 10:00 PM by Autumn Autumn is offline
  4. Old Comment
    I had thought about that but it does have a few shortcomings and I do like my E500 as I like the results I can achieve I could jut do without the bulk but maintain the quality. I might just have to make space i guess.
    Posted 23-03-09 at 10:12 PM by Mike Parr Mike Parr is offline

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