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Autofocus your manual lenses – really!


Have you ever dreamed of autofocusing your manual focus lenses? Well, now you can. All you need is one of a selection of supported Sony Alpha E-mount cameras, a Techart Pro adapter and, depending on the lens you want to use, a Leica M-mount adapter. This is what we discovered on our rounds of Photokina 2016 today.

See the Techart Pro AF adapter mechanism in action (above)

The adapter is designed to work with selected Sony Alpha E-mount camera bodies. It natively supports Leica M-mount lenses but you can add a second intermediate adapter to mount almost any other manual focus 35mm SLR or lens and some other rangefinder camera lenses. Currently the adapter only works with the Mark 2 versions of the A7 and a7R and the A6300.

So how does it work? Fundamentally, it simply moves the lens mount forward and back, moving the whole lens with it. You can use either single action AF or continuous AF. The adapter communicates with the camera’s AF system just as if it was an autofocus lens.

Sounds great? Well, yes – and no. It certainly works and the focus action is reasonably swift. It’s not particularly noisy, either and the adapter is quite compact. So what’s the problem? The range of flange/back adjustment for focusing is limited to 4.5mm, according to the spokesperson who demonstrated the adapter to me. This means that many lenses need to be pre-focused so that the adapter has enough focusing range to reach focus.

You can own a Techart Pro AF adapter for €310. Would you consider one? Let us know in the comment box below!


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