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5th May 2011
Manfrotto unveils a new range of tripods for amateur photography lovers

Say Goodbye To Dodgy Photos

Manfrotto unveils a new range of tripods for amateur photography lovers

Ever wondered how to capture great photos without lugging the heavy, expensive kit of a professional photographer? Weekend photographers will be delighted to discover the new Imagine More range from Manfrotto, a sleek and versatile range of tripods for the non-professional photography lover. Manfrotto is recognised by professional photographers worldwide for its intuitive design and technical expertise when developing the best professional photographic accessories around. With the launch of this new range, Manfrotto helps anyone with a digital camera take their love of photography a step further by offering the chance to make the most of everyday shots, from the amateur trying to capture an amazing sunset on holiday to the Facebook addict snapping photos on a night out.

The tripods in the Imagine More collection are compact and lightweight, making them perfect everyday companions to an active lifestyle. They are available in black and graphite to match a range of cameras, with intuitive support solutions perfected after decades of field testing by professional photographers. The fully adjustable legs allow users to experiment with different angles and surfaces, suiting the most adventurous of lifestyles.

Greg Cooney, Managing Director of Manfrotto UK, said, “We have all seen the way that the digital age has transformed our everyday lives. On-line social networks allow people to share a variety of images and video, giving everyone a simple platform for self-expression and creating a whole new set of requirements when shopping for photographic equipment. The non-professional digital photographer is looking for an affordable tripod that is convenient and easy to use, allowing them to capture great photos and video in the most unexpected places. The tripods included in the Imagine More collection offer all this and more, with the added perk of sleek Italian design, at affordable prices.”

Three ways a tripod will help you take great photos
1. A tripod will keep the camera steady to produce clear, shake-free photos
2. Use a tripod and the camera self-timer to get yourself into the picture
3. A tripod allows you to experiment with different camera settings like very slow shutter speeds to generate movement

We’ve picked out 3 key products from the collection that are best for capturing amazing photos whether you’re on holiday, enjoying a night out or attending a sporting event.

The Pocket
The Pocket is a versatile, compact tripod with legs that fold down neatly for easy storage. The support can remain attached to a camera, ready for immediate use, or it can be slipped into a back pocket or handbag. The three legs can be set independently on any surface to provide a solid, level support while the non-slip rubber feet offer additional stability and security.

The 390 Series Tripod
The 390 is the ideal tool to get started in photography and to support the first level of advanced equipment, such as interchangeable lens cameras and long zoom camcorders. Unlike all other supports in this market category, the 390 heads and structures are made of solid and durable aluminium for increased durability and precision. This series comes with integrated heads and in various combinations of height, tube diameters and heads to satisfy any need.

The Compact Monopod
Operating with a single adjustable, lightweight leg, the compact monopod is a great option when there are crowds of people and limited space e.g. at a festival or a sports event. It will help you to capture the perfect shot in a busy environment, especially if there is low light. After use, it can be easily collapsed and stored in a bag.
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