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25th June 2009
Food2 announces The Great Food Shoot Out

Food2 announces The Great Food Shoot Out

DPNow says: As with all photo competitions, DPNow urges all potential competitors to read the terms and conditions before entering their work in case a claim is made on the use or copyright of your pictures. Also, beware of any subsequent offers that ask you to pay for items that result from competitions before parting with any cash.

Food2's first Challenge is seeking the hottest, rising food photographers. Actually, if you like food and have a camera or phone, that will work too.

The Shoot Out is simple...

1) Take a picture tied to food or cocktails. You can submit more than once.

2) Be creative. Catch our eye. [Just be sure you took the photograph.]

3) When the submission phase ends, rock the vote. You and your friends will get a chance to vote on your favorite photos...

The Rules:

Official rules for The Great Food Shoot Out are here.

For more information visit:

The Dates:

The submissions must be in by 30th June 2009

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