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Adonit Releases its Most Advanced and Compatible Stylus with Launch of Pixel

Adonit Pixel StylusPixel’s natural pen-like feel ushers in a new standard of stylus with 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, shortcut buttons, and palm rejection

London, UK – May 24, 2016 – Adonit, maker of tools for the modern workspace, today announced the release of its most advanced stylus to date, Pixel™. Best-in-class features including an improved 1.9mm Pixelpoint tip with paper-like drag, expanded compatibility and palm rejection, make Pixel Adonit’s most accurate and responsive stylus to date

“A stylus should do more than just replace a user’s fingertip when working with a tablet, but rather enhance the experience so users can create and work without boundaries,” said Rafael Gomez, Marketing Manager for Adonit. “With the introduction of Pixel in particular, we wanted to make sure we addressed all our users’ needs and incorporated them into a stylus that works with the entire modern line of iPads. Users will be able to take notes, draw, mark finite details, or simply maneuver through their iPad more precisely with Pixel. Whatever their needs may be, Pixel provides consumers with a high performing experience.”

Pixel combines the extensive research and development of Adonit’s two Bluetooth enabled, Pixelpoint™ styluses – the Jot Script and the Touch– into one sophisticated and comprehensive tool. Additionally, Pixel’s updated SDK can be easily incorporated by app developers into their existing apps, such as GoodNotes and Concepts, providing consumers with more options in which they can use their stylus. Pixel also has extensive compatibility with eight different iPad models, including the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 12.9”, and boasts a range of optimum features that make it Adonit’s highest performing stylus.

Pixel Features Include:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 – Bluetooth enables 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, shortcut buttons, palm rejection, and offset correction.
  • Pixelpoint™ Precision – Pixelpoint™ tip, offset correction, and predictive touch technology deliver better accuracy and precision.
  • Natural Handwriting and Drawing Enhanced tip design adds the right amount of traction for an improved stylus-to-screen experience.
  • Grip Sensor – The stylus activates when the user picks it up and goes to sleep when inactive to conserve battery power.
  • iPad & App Compatibility –  Pixel works with more iPad models and compatible apps to bring the latest stylus technology to a broader community of stylus users.
  • Compatible Apps – Goodnotes, Medibang Paint, Autodesk Sketchbook, Concepts, Astropad, Notes plus, Zenbrush 2, Animation Desk and with many more on the way.

Additional Pixel features include a modern and ergonomic pen design, more seamless, user-friendly set-up process, and more software partnerships, which allows Pixel users to work with more of the applications they use on a daily basis.

Available in a black or bronze colour, the Pixel is available now from Amazon UK for £89.99.

You can find more information available here www.adonit.net.

Based in Austin and Taipei  Adonit creates tools for the modern digital workplace. Since its Kickstarter inception in 2011, Adonit has launched a family of award winning, carefully curated products, including capacitive and iOS Bluetooth styluses and accessories for iOS and Android tablets. Adonit revolutionized the way a stylus is used with the creation of the Jot stylus line, which has received nine awards for its high performing capabilities. For more information about Adonit and its products visit adonit.net.



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