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1st August 2005
Forum Terms and Conditions
1995: Forum Terms and Conditions

Digital Photography Now welcomes the free use of its discussion forum by any member of the public within bounds of the topics indicated by the subject headings of each board and the specific terms and conditions listed below.

Before posting a message to a board you must agree to the following terms and conditions :

  • You are free to read messages posted freely, however, if you wish to participate in forum discussions through replying to prior posts or to start a new discussion topic, you must have previously registered a simple user profile and received a password to enable posting privileges. Digital Photography Now promises not to divulge your user name or password to any third party without your express permission.

  • We reserve the right for a nominated administrator to remove messages and/or pictures that are considered to be of a blatantly commercial nature, outside the topic of the board, or if a message is considered potentially libellous, defamatory or where bad language or insulting meanings are implied.

  • We also reserve the right to block posting access to people who repeatedly break the above terms. No correspondence should necessarily be expected before such actions.

  • It is the responsibility of the poster to establish he/she has the right to link to and display text and/or images from a third party source. If rights are not established, we reserve the right to remove such content without warning.

  • All messages must be posted in English.

  • Swear words and other crude and insulting language must not be used in posts.

  • You must not post body text primarily in block capitals.

  • You must not unnecessarily repeat the same post (if you have done this by mistake, a forum administrator will be happy to delete the surplus message for you).

  • All messages posted by Digital Photography Now readers are their personal opinions and not necessarily shared by Digital Photography Now.

  • Personal small advertisements for personal items of a photographic-related nature only are catered for in our For Sale & Wanted board. Digital Photography Now accepts no responsibility for the outcome of sales or other transactions resulting from advertising on this board. Please take all necessary precautions to ensure that you are not disappointed by what you buy or sell through this board.

  • No commercial advertising, by individuals or businesses, is permitted on any board, including the For Sale & Wanted board, without express permission from Digital Photography Now.

  • In order to protect the interests of forum posters and Digital Photography Now from those who would wish to re-use the textual and image-based content of the forum without permission for their own profit, the copyright of forum content is claimed by Digital Photography Now. However, it can not be stressed highly enough that Digital Photography makes no claim to the ownership for other purposes of this content. We promise to seek and abide by the permission of the original owner before using any images posted for any other purpose.

  • Digital Photography Now also reserves the right, in some circumstances, to edit postings. However, we promise only to make changes that relate technically to the boardís operation, like enabling bad links and non-displayed photos. We may also make additions in order for the posting to conform to other terms stated above.

  • When posting images to the forum, your image may be downloaded and edited and/or enhanced by another forum user for re-posting in the interests of topical forum debate. This evolution of forum practice has worked well, so if you prefer that your images not be changed and reposted, you must clearly state this in your original posting.

  • If you decide to edit an image posted by another forum user that has not indicated that they wish their image to left intact, you must only use that image for re-posting to the same board that it originated from and clearly indicate your rationale in editing it.

  • Digital Photography Now reserves the right to amend and add to these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.

In over three and a half years and over 35,000 posts, Digital Photography Now forums have earned a reputation for being useful resources with friendly participants and minimal disruption from people uninterested in the smooth running of these forums.

Letís keep it that way!

Ian Burley (Digital Photography Now editor, publisher and webmaster)

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