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22nd July 2004
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907: About DPNow


Digital Photography Now (DPNow) was set up in August 2001 by Ian Burley, a veteran IT writer, who lives, with his young family and works in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England.

A number of other key individuals have been of invaluable help and assistance to Ian during the development of Digital Photography Now.

Ian has been writing about computer technology since 1984, with articles published in national and specialist press, both in the UK and abroad, plus some guest broadcasting on TV. But just as significant, prior to becoming an IT writer, he worked in the photography trade, selling cameras, accessories, darkroom equipment and supplies.

This period in Ianís career was preceded by a time in tertiary education reading computer science. Before that at Forest School, Snaresbrook, north east London, he was heavily involved in the school photographic society.

As you can see with Ian photography and computers have been intertwined along the way. Now he has combined skills from both disciplines to bring you Digital Photography Now.

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