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Upload your image from your computer to our server. Please only submit one image per day. The image must be in standard JPEG format, ideally sized to 850 pixels wide or (vertical shots) 750 pixels high. Landscape panoramas can be up to 1200 pixels wide. Please keep file sizes to under 400KB. If appropriate, please try to retain exif data in the submitted image file. If this is not possible, please include information about the equipment and settings used to capture the image in the comments box provided below.

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You should receive an automatic email acknowledgment once you have submitted your image. If you don't receive this acknowledgment, please re-check the email address you entered and re-submit. If the acknowledgment email bounces because the email you entered was not valid, your image may not be processed. Please email us if you encounter any problems when making your submission.

Terms and Conditions for DPNow Golden Gallery submissions:

  • All images submitted will be evaluated by DPNow staff. Only those images that we decide reach the standards set for the Golden Gallery will be accepted for display in the Golden Gallery.
  • Submitted images must conform to the file type and dimensions described on this page.
  • Our decision is final and no correspondence will be entered in to regarding our decision.
  • Images accepted will be added to the DPNow Golden Gallery.
  • You MUST be the originator of the image and retain the ownership and rights to the image and its copyright. Where relevant, you must have the necessary and completed model release paperwork and/or permission of any owner of private property included in the image. If you are in any doubt concerning this, please email us for clarification.
  • By submitting your image, you grant Digital Photography Now and The Write Technology Ltd. the right to display your image on the Golden Gallery and associated pages published by us solely for the purposes of promoting the Golden Gallery feature. You also grant us the copyright for these images where they are displayed on our pages; solely for the purpose of protecting your images from unauthorised copying.
  • We make no claim on your images for any other purpose and permission will be sought from you by us if we require a use of any submitted images for any other purpose.
  • If your image is accepted, you will be notified and directed to the page address of the Golden Gallery where your image can be viewed.
  • You will be notified by email if your image does not meet the standard set, but it may not be possible to provide a detailed reason for a rejection.

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