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Re: Lightroom 5 problem

Originally Posted by DennisP View Post
Well Patrick I defragged the internal Hard drive but could not find a way of defraging the Network Drive. I then uninstalled Lightroom and re-installed = no joy, so then searched for Lightroom catalogs and found 2 left over from Lightroom version 2 which I deleted. That had no effect so I decided to start again with a clean sheet and build up my catalog again from scratch. The end result is I can now import from the Network drive but ever so slowly, but at least it does not hang anymore. I have therefore concluded it must be something to do with th buffering from the Network drive that is slowing operations.
Another thought
How is your network se, is it wireless or with cables?
I have my External drive connected via Thunderbolt cable and appears as fast as an internal HD. when I connect a USB2 drive its quick but nothing like as quick as with Thunderbolt.
I seem to remember you asking about installing USB3 card into your machine, did you do that and is your external drive connected via that USB3?
USB3 is almost as quick as Thunderbolt so should build your library very quickly but connected direct to your machine and not a wireless network.

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