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Re: PrintFix Pro

Originally Posted by Mick Johnson View Post
You must of read the same reviews as me then.

Our 'Printfix' is maybe 2 years old so it might be better now, I don't know.

If you use the same make of paper as your printer then it's totally useless and a waste of cash as the profiles are available from the manufacturer and will certainly be much more accurate than the printfix.

The 'Spyder2 express' is the same colorimeter as the 'Spyder2 pro' I believe so I think is well worth buying.
With my R1800, I've only used papers that have profiles supplied so far. That's either meant Epson themselves or Olmec. (I've only just recently ventured into Olmec's range thanks to their cheaper roll paper.)

I didn't buy the package with a view to using the Printfix Plus jobby, but it did pique my curiosity. I have a 1290S that I use with sublimation inks - again, a profile is supplied, but I just wondered if I could in someway use the Printfix Plus to optimise it. The profile comes with the ink, but when you transfer to other substrates (from mugs to t-shirts), the colours vary depending on what you're pressing to.

I'm probably barking up completely the wrong tree here. My main priority is to get my monitor more accurately profiled. It came with it's own profile, too, but it's a good few months old now so I'm keen to see if the Spyder 2 will help me at all with that.

I found a chart on this page: which compares all three Spyder2 products (Express, Suite and Pro). The hardware would seem to be the same but the software in the Suite and Pro would seem to offer more options. Until the Spyder2 arrives and I have a go with it, it all sounds a bit like gobbledegook to me.
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