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Re: What's this test board for?

Originally Posted by Wild Images View Post
Hi Ian
This is a good idea, especially if one sometimes are a bit handicapped web-wise.
Here is a pic I posted in the transport.

My questions :
Where can I comment on pictures say, in transport, IF I do not want to use the critique forumn?
Sometimes I would like to leave a comment on any picture I see, not necessarily a critique, how do I do it.
I understanf the concept of cut and past using the URL to the dsktop, a very neat thing, but this means I have to open and close more windows. It there was a link to ones gallery, in the forums, or the same slider window below the URL window to take one to the choosen forum page, it will be nice. If I am on the User Cp page, I can click on the scroll window in the bottom right, and go to where I want to, the same will work nice, if possible, in ones galley.
Hi Callie - got your message; a very good point. I will provide a more obvious place in the forum for posting pictures that the poster doesn't particularly want fine critique on. Give me a little time to think it through

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