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Re: Ring flash

Originally Posted by TheBull1875 View Post
Hmmm, more complicated than I thought then. Things to ponder. For sure I will use the link if I go for this Ian. Thinking about it, I guess the LED one would mahe more sense as I could use it on both cameras whereas if I go for a non LED I would ahve to get one for each. Wee bit overkill I guess.
LED advantage constant light, (any idea Ian on the light output of these units Ian)
LED disadvantage may be lower light output so either a wide aperture, or slow shutter speed or even both depending on ambient light.

Flash advantage more light control, short flash duration the equivelent to 1/1000 sec or faster, and the ability to use smaller aperture, both depending on subject matter could be valuable, particularly the ability to stop down and use small aperture for maximum depth of field, which will be extremly narrow with macro work. The closer you get the narrower it becomes.
If extension tubes are used extra light becomes even more important as the inverse square law kicks in and light reaching the sensor is heavily reduced still further.

Lots to think about, it all of course depends on the type of macro work you intend doing, which is the main reason for ring lighting in the first place. Ring flash works fine for portrait, (can't say for LED without known light output) but you are restricted to head & shoulders only, due to the lower power of ring flash. Perhaps if you indicated the type of photography you intend using the flash for we may e able to offer more focused advice.

They do make studio ring flash, big bulky expencive things but powerful, also ring flash adapters for conventional camera mounted flash guns, they are not cheap either and I doubt suitable for macro work.

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